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Organisational Membership

Our organisational membership is for organisations who see the importance in equipping their senior leaders and staff with access to the latest research, training, CPD and networking opportunities. To get the maximum benefit from your organisational membership, name up to three colleagues as a point of contact and to receive member’s benefits as below. You can add additional colleagues at the rate of £75 per person
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Organisational members can:

  • Keep their colleagues and teams up to date with the latest in good practice and research, with access to our highly-regarded online academic journal, Child Abuse Review, issued 6 times annually with additional special and virtual issues.
  • Work on something that matters to your organisation by joining or starting a Special Interest Group.
  • Influence policy by adding your voice to our organisational responses to government and policymakers.
  • Access events featuring leading experts from a range of fields, with discounted rates for up to three people.
  • Access our range of free CPD and networking events for up to three people.
  • Receive membership perks and discounts, including 20% off books with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Shape the future of the AoCPP - we are member-led and dedicated to creating a programme of CPD and support in response to your needs.

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What our members say

Opportunity to network with others and know I am part of a community of people committed to working for children and families; challenge to keep up to date and evidence-informed in my practice; sounding board with others for considering how best to improve policy and practice

Professor Peter Sidebotham, Member of the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel and Emeritus Professor of Child Health at Warwick University