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Victim Blaming in Child Protection and Safeguarding

A digital download of this Webinar. Victim Blaming in Child Protection and Safeguarding - Nikki Holmes While the sector has...
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A digital download of this Webinar.

Victim Blaming in Child Protection and Safeguarding - Nikki Holmes

While the sector has made many steps towards ridding itself from archaic views of victimhood. Some harmful practices and terminology continue to prevail within ourselves as professionals and the system that we work in. One way the sector is looking to move forward is by promoting trauma informed practice. But can we call ourselves trauma informed practitioners unless we have a good understanding of victim blaming and are able to challenge it in practice?

This webinar, led by Nikki Holmes has been designed to provide a valuable insight into victim blaming. In this session we examine its pervasiveness, and psychological underpinnings by looking at what is victim blaming? Understanding the harm caused with victim blaming. Looking into the factors that underpin victim blaming. Delving into the psychology of victim blaming. And challenging victim blaming in practice. This is an important session for individuals and teams looking to develop their practice and better support victims and survivors.

Nikki Holmes has served as a police officer, been a service manager for a young persons' substance misuse service, is an experienced Children’s Services Inspector for the CQC, and more recently launched her own consultancy Safer Together, which is a proud member of the WeProtect Global Alliance.

An expert in safeguarding with expertise and extensive experience of working in the fields of child exploitation, county lines and modern slavery, Nikki now provides independent consultancy and training to a range of organisations including the NHS and Local Authorities.

Nikki is also a guest lecturer, a public speaker and an independent author of Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews, Safeguarding Adult Reviews and Domestic Homicide Reviews.

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Video length: 114 minutes

Featuring: Nikki Holmes, AoCPP staff and event delegates.

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It has improved my knowledge and understanding about the range of harms caused to children and their impact as I have been able to network with a wide range of experts from the UK and beyond. There is no other multidisciplinary association for child protection professionals focused on learning to support and improve practice and policy

Professor John Devaney MBE. Social Worker, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh.